Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do you "habla?"

I missed out on a really good interview this afternoon because of a language barrier I should have buried years ago.

While pounding the pavement Wednesday on the Southeast Side where a man was shot to death the night before, I came across a woman who really would have helped my story. She heard close to 30 gunshots, we got that far, but I didn't understand her description of a witness hiding in the closet of her shed or the condition of the dead man's 1-year-old daughter, who witnessed the shooting from inside a parked SUV.

I'm embarrassed to say that after living in South Central Texas nearly all of my life, my Spanish is horrendous. Even Will Ferrell rolls his "R's" better than I do. So I ask you blog readers, do you wish you could habla? Would you help pay for and take a Spanish-for-journalists class?

Thanks for your insight.
-Eva Ruth Moravec

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