Sunday, September 9, 2012

After the after-party

Last night's Gridiron show was a fantastic success. We're still counting cash, but it looks like we'll be able to hand out about $8,500 in scholarships from the money we raised in ticket sales. Revenue from the ads we sold in the program cover costs of running the show, which add up. 
Gridiron 2012 cast preforms show finale. Photo by Colleen Pence

We filled the Watson Fine Arts Center with an engaged, entertained audience and had a blast. There are so many people and organizations to thank, but at the top of my list are: the San Antonio Express-News, for printing the programs; Joaquin Herrera, for designing the show's logo, tickets and program; co-producers Nora Lopez and David Elizondo, the SPJ board, video-masterminds and the cast and crew - including police Chief William McManus and county Judge Nelson Wolff - who sacrificed time, money and maybe a little dignity; our extremely talented director Gloria "G.L." Liu and the staff at the Watson center who were insanely accommodating. Without Starline Costumes, we'd have had no squirrels...or Mayan costumes or fedoras or so many other props and outfits.

Thank you also to the audience for supporting Gridiron. We will be selling DVDs of the show in the near future, and if you're interested in a copy, email Eva Ruth ( Our videos now live on a YouTube channel, so feel free to share them. I've posted the Mayor's iPhone video below.

We can't wait to make next year's show even better.
-Eva Ruth Moravec

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