Saturday, May 4, 2013

Castro studied journalism before politics

Photo by Melody Mendoza
By Laura Garcia

Bienvenidos a San Antonio!

Mayor Julián Castro welcomed a crowded room of professional and student journalists at the Region 8 SPJ conference Saturday at noon during lunch.

San Antonio Pro Chapter President Eva Ruth Moravec introduced Castro as very “media accessible.” He filmed a parody video with the chapter for its Gridiron comedy show just days before he spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

He said he and his twin brother Joaquín Castro went to Stanford University with the dream of pursuing a major in communications.

“I once wanted to be a journalist,” he said.

But instead of heading off to news internships for the summer the Castro brothers ended up going to political internships. The rest is history.

He talked about a series of investigational stories in 2004 by Lisa Sandburg, which he says still has a huge effect on the city. Her San Antonio Express-News article called “Death by the Pound” reported that the city was sending more than 47,000 dogs and cats to the gas chamber every year.

“That article galvanized the community to do something about it,” he said.

Since then the numbers have been cut in half and the city is well on its way to being a no-kill city, he said, just like our neighbor Austin.

For more information on the city’s no-kill initiative spurred by Sandburg’s series, go to
Photo by Laura Garcia
Photo by Melody Mendoza of student Ingrid Wilgen

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