Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Gridiron gone by

On Saturday, current and recovering journalists took the stage at McAllister Theater in this year's Gridiron show, called "50 Shades of S.A."

We're still counting cash, but it looks like we sold at least 350 tickets and about $6,800 in ads in the program. We're pleased to say we'll have plenty to give out in scholarships this year.

Thank you for supporting SPJ in San Antonio, and the Gridiron show. We appreciate each and everyone who bought a ticket, a T-shirt, a DVD or even a soda or poster at the show; every bit helps us to give more money to future journalists.

It takes a village to put on Gridiron, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you. The cast, crew, directors Gloria Liu and Frankie Saucedo and co-producers Nora Lopez and David Elizondo put a ton of time, effort and hard twerk into this year's production and it showed.

Lisa Marie Gomez, Melissa Ludwig, Donna Tuttle, Randy Beamer, Rachel Benavidez, Joey Palacios and many cast members helped us with publicity, and tons of people bought ads - from politicians to utilities and dry cleaners.

We are still selling T-shirts for $10 (email DVDs will likely also be available in the near future, so stay tuned. Also upcoming will be a DVD viewing party.

For now, you really should watch all five of our Gridiron videos - they are hilarious. Thank you to Sam Lerma, Larry Burns, Gary Cooper, Michael Quintanilla, Josh Tadeo and Zack Mejia for creating them, and to Vianna Davila for running the A/V throughout the show.

-Eva Ruth Moravec