Friday, October 24, 2014


$35 each plus a $1 credit card fee online at or $35 at the door, if we don't sell out. A few tickets are still available through cast members for $30.


GRIDRION 2014 actress to appear on SA LIVE!

Melissa Ludwig will make a guest appearance TODAY at 1 p.m. as gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis to promote this year's GRIDIRON show.

Watch Melissa on the LIVE! online stream at KSAT.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Gridiron 2014 is three days away! Have you gotten your tickets? 

$35 each plus a $1 credit card fee online at or $35 at the door, if we do not sell out. A few tickets still available through cast members for $30. Online sales end midnight Friday, Oct. 24.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Come feel the heat for a rollicking spoof of San Antonio and Texas newsmakers and issues, written and performed by San Antonio media people.

Howl at the original skits, songs, videos and fiery adult entertainment. You will have a great time and laugh until it hurts.

Order your tickets online here  Tickets bought the last week online or at the door cost $35, plus a $1 credit card processing fee. 

Money raised pays for college journalism scholarships.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Notice of Election

The following message regarding upcoming elections was sent out to SPJ San Antonio members on May 17. If you would like to join our club, please visit the following link, and make sure you specify that you'd like to become a member of the San Antonio Pro chapter.

Dear SPJ members:

Thank you for your continued support of the San Antonio chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Since revitalizing the chapter in 2012, we have celebrated great milestones, including growing membership, hosting the 2013 Region 8 Conference and a Grid Iron show that raised money for three scholarships, the first awarded by this chapter in five years, and the selection process has begun to award scholarships this year.

Before our two-term limits expire, the board members have approved new bylaws to govern going forward.

On June 8, you will receive an electronic ballot to elect new board members and approve or reject the bylaws. The deadline for voting is June 18. New officers will be inducted and scholarships will be awarded on July 1.

Here is a link to the bylaws: 

The positions/nominees are:
President -
Jacqueline Jordan

Vice President for Membership -
Sue Merkner

Vice President of Communications -
Kat Duncan

Vice President of Finance -
Jerry Townsend

Vice President of Programming -
Jason Buch

Board Member at Large (choose two) -
Lakendra Lewis
Michael Drudge


Eva Ruth Moravec, president
Vianna Davila, VP for Membership
Jennifer McInnis, VP of Programming
Jerry Townsend, Treasurer
Jackie Jordan, Member at Large-Freelance

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bylaws, by the way....

We hope everyone is reveling in confetti-crazed Fiesta madness (and still getting work done at the same time...the ultimate challenge).

Since we reactivated the chapter a couple of years ago, we've been busy planning programming, such as a membership drive, the 2013 Region 8 conference and Grid Iron. We've made decisions as a committee, and although we searched high and low for San Antonio SPJ's bylaws, none were to be found.

So, we've created our own. The next step is membership ratification in June. We'll be asking you all to cast ballots electronically, via email. Instructions on that are to come. Please take time to read through these and to send us an email with any comments/questions/complaints (


In July, we'll be awarding scholarships funded by our successful 2013 Gridiron show, and we'll also be electing new board members. If serving on this fantastic board and bringing together journalists in San Antonio interests you, email us ASAP. You can nominate yourself or someone else.
We appreciate your continued involvement with our SPJ chapter and invite all of your ideas as we begin the transition to a new board. With your help, the organization will only get better.

Some important dates:
May 17: Notice of election
June 8-18: Online voting opens
July 1: Scholarship awards AND new board member luncheon

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Share your experience from the Speed Networking event

Thanks for hosting SPJ and PRSA, Univision!
Earlier this month, SPJ joined forces with Public Relations Society of America's San Antonio chapter for something we called "Speed Networking." About two-dozen journalists and public relations professionals convened at Univision's fabulous new digs and, after snacking, we settled down to business and asked each other questions relative to our roles.

We could not have imagined how successful the evening would be, and really appreciate everyone who made it a great success! Turns out, we actually enjoyed the much so that it was hard to get everyone to stop talking and move on to the next question.

Treasurer Jerry Townsend emceed the event, and started us off with this question, directed towards public relations personnel: How do you choose which reporters to work with?

Here's the answer I got from a PR person seated across from me who works with food and beverage purveyors:
Group photo of Speed Networkers at Univision studios 
"I look at a reporter’s blogs and tweets to see where his or her interests lie. If I have a particular angle I want to work -- like for beverages, it might be craft beers, I look for reporters who focus on that aspect. Or if I want to pitch the health properties of a food product, I'll look for someone who writes on parent issues, something that appeals to moms."

I found this answer insightful and helpful, and wanted to share for anyone else who might have been curious about our event. For those who attended - What did you learn about the "other side?" Please share your experience in the comments section.

-SPJ San Antonio board member Jackie Jordan

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Announcing our SPJ Movie Event! Join us March 1 at CineFestival!

SPJ San Antonio members and area journalists, we’re thrilled to invite you to a local film festival event March 1.  

Journalist Ruben Salazar was killed by a white sheriff’s deputy while the reporter was covering an anti-Vietnam march-turned-riot in East Los Angeles in August 1970. No one was ever charged in the case, and numerous questions remain about whether the deputy followed department protocol when he fired a tear-gas missile that killed Salazar.

Salazar’s story is the subject of the documentary “Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle,” showing at this year’s CineFestival. The screening is at 1 p.m. March 1 at the Guadalupe Theater. Director Phillip Rodriguez will be on hand for a Q&A after the screening.

Tickets are $8, but all registered SPJ members get a $2 discount.

CineFestival director Jim Mendiola was familiar with Rodriguez’s work and knew he was producing a film about Salazar and his storied journalism career. So he jumped at the chance to bring the film to CineFestival once it was completed.

Born in Mexico, Salazar moved with his family to El Paso when he was still an infant. His journalism career began there and took him to the Los Angeles Times, where he would become a foreign correspondent and the first Latino columnist for a major daily newspaper. After working abroad, Salazar returned to Los Angeles to cover the Chicano community for the Times but then left to become news director at a fledgling Spanish-language television station.

But despite Salazar’s remarkable career and the unresolved issues around his death, Mendiola was surprised that so many members of the CineFestival jury were unfamiliar with the journalist’s life.

“Some very smart and engaged people on the panel had not heard his story before,” Mendiola said. “People walk away very surprised at this forgotten piece of history.”

It appears the film had an impact on the jury — the movie was named Best Documentary at CineFestival.

We at SPJ San Antonio are excited to invite you to attend this event, about an important journalist who died doing the work we all love. Please join us March 1, at the Guadalupe Theater, 1301 Guadalupe Street.

For more information about CineFestival, click here: