Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bylaws, by the way....

We hope everyone is reveling in confetti-crazed Fiesta madness (and still getting work done at the same time...the ultimate challenge).

Since we reactivated the chapter a couple of years ago, we've been busy planning programming, such as a membership drive, the 2013 Region 8 conference and Grid Iron. We've made decisions as a committee, and although we searched high and low for San Antonio SPJ's bylaws, none were to be found.

So, we've created our own. The next step is membership ratification in June. We'll be asking you all to cast ballots electronically, via email. Instructions on that are to come. Please take time to read through these and to send us an email with any comments/questions/complaints (satxspj@gmail.com).

BYLAWS LINK: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1160934-spjsabylaws.html

In July, we'll be awarding scholarships funded by our successful 2013 Gridiron show, and we'll also be electing new board members. If serving on this fantastic board and bringing together journalists in San Antonio interests you, email us ASAP. You can nominate yourself or someone else.
We appreciate your continued involvement with our SPJ chapter and invite all of your ideas as we begin the transition to a new board. With your help, the organization will only get better.

Some important dates:
May 17: Notice of election
June 8-18: Online voting opens
July 1: Scholarship awards AND new board member luncheon